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Warning! This site has products which may contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive substance and may be harmful or fatal if injested. Please be responsible and keep your pets and children away from your vaping supplies! Click here for important additional information.


About Us

Heavy Vape, Inc. is the parent company of Edmond Oklahoma’s first vapor store, Edmond Vapes. Six years ago, the owners of Heavy Vape were just like you, searching for a solution to quit. After smoking for 25 years, and realizing the ill effects it had on their heath, they had enough! After attempting every means possible and failing miserably, they finally discovered electronic cigarettes. Astonished by the results they experienced, they felt obligated to share it with the world. was born. Day after day we see those same amazing results with the customers that have been using our products as opposed to being enslaved to the traditional cancer sticks so conveniently placed on every street corner. Let us help you break the chains you've been wearing for far too long. It’s time to be able to breathe again. To quote the innovative words of Howard Hughes, "It's the wave of the future"