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Wednesday, August 5, 2020 3:44:35 PM

whats the best mech you have ever owned? why?

5 years ago
#4 Quote
The Fat Snow Wolf is the nicest mod that i have ever owned, so far anyway.
the snow wolf is a lightweight 26650 mod that incorporates a rose gold locking ring. this further adds to the sleek design of the mod itself.

I have had no issues with heating or any "funny" mod behavior at all! i usually have pretty low builds running on the snow wolf mostly around .3 .1 ishh.

This i believe is mostly related to the high quality of the materials used. something that some people might not not notice but when its your job to vape, you see every little flaw in almost every product that comes out.

The mod was a little bit pricy but well worth it in my opinion. and if you have the money you have to pick up the asmodus dripper that goes with the snow wolf. the dripper is a 30 mm 4 post design that is able to accommodate multiple strands of 20 gage! thats more than enough in my opinion .

The threads on both sides are just perfect and the switch is just smooth as butter! the laser engraving on the exterior is very good and the placement of the serial number on the inside of the tube is one of the things i liked about this design most!

All of that being said its a great decision if you are looking for something that has a sleek but yet eye catching design and great performance as it boasts it's gold pins and gold spring in the switch.
5 years ago
#10 Quote
The Penny 18650

It has Copper pins, adjustable top pin, smooth threads, and it is all copper.

When combined with my Patriot RDA and a 0.2 ohm build I can vape for hours with little notice in battery drop.

The Penny is a solid copper mod with thicker walls(over 1MM) so I get the durability of a brass mod with the great hit of a copper mod.