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All Shook Up

Peanut butter & banana.

Made by the King, himself, currently alive and residing in Roswell, NM.


Apple Betty Brown

Betty's apple pie.

Her sweet, sweet, tasty pie.


Banana Bomb

It's like the Manhattan Project, but with bananas.


Basket Case

"Uh, a basket of fruits"

-Juice Master


Blue-Pom Gurt

A blueberry pomegranate yogurt… it's right there in the name.



Go Birthday.

It's your cake.


Cuppa Joe

A very original named coffee blend. It's like the coffee ones you've tried before.

But good.


Dancing Bears

Flavor profile: These bears are actually marching, not dancing, to the tune of green apple, pear & kiwi.


Flavor profile: Dragon fruit says it tastes like a hot day in '22.


Flavor profile: Mr. Sandman, bring me an orange sickle (dum, dum, dum, dum) Make it the sickest of all of the sickles.

Easter Island

Flavor profile: Imagine you're on an island of fruit, with a bunch of rabbits...and it's not even Easter.

Fat Mint

Flavor profile: Those delicious cookies you can't NOT buy.